VEX Robotics All-Star Challenge Webcast

The VEX Robotics All-Star Challenge at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex will be webcast!

View the stream at starting at 10:30 AM EST Friday and 9 AM EST Saturday to see all of the VEX Round Up Action.

I see that most of Friday, as well as the alliance selection, got recorded and is available under ‘Videos’. Will any more robot action be available to watch? (I missed Saturday and reeeeally want to see it. :slight_smile:

So how did the event go and what teams ended up winning (what) awards?

Both Team 37 (Athena Rising) and Team 254A (The Cheesy Poofs) defended their titles from last year. Team 37 was first in Programming Skills by a large margin (almost double the second highest score). Team 254A was first in Robot Skills, won the Excellence Award, and was in the winning alliance.

Team 254A seeded first with 9 wins and 1 loss. I don’t remember who the other top seeded teams were.

The winning alliance consisted of Team 254A, Team 2205A, and Team 476A.
The finalists were Team 37, Team 508, and Team 1330B.

Team 508, Team 476A, and Team 2205A all won judged awards, but I can’t remember who won what.

I believe that Team 476A was the only robot to hang during a match.

Wow I’m surprised, we have quite a number of hanger-bots here in Maryland. (Most of them high-hang, though some are not able to achieve that consistently quite yet.)


What were the winning skills scores?

I think that Team 37 (Athena Rising) got 24 in programming skills, but I am not entirely sure that I have the number right. I know that it was over 20.

Team 254 (The Cheesy Poofs) got 101 in robot skills.

Because I stole their copy of the final rankings and elimination ladder. 254A had 18 WPs (/20), 37 and 429 had 15, and seeds 4-8 had 14.

The elimination alliances:
[HTML]1 254A 2205A 476A
2 37 508 1330B
3 429 476B 1360
4 2205B 1330A 429B
5 2505 83 3003
6 2019 476C 2019B
7 3330D 3330E 79B
8 2049 880B 2425[/HTML]
1 beats 8 in 2 matches
2 beats 7 in 2 matches (?)
3 beats 6 in ?
4 beats 5 in ?

1 beats 4 in 2 matches
2 beats 3 in 3 matches

1 beats 2 in 2 matches

I was able to watch the webcast and watch 254a and 2205A (as good, if not better) compete. I won’t spoil their design, but 254a’s robot is a great example of thinking out of the box and prioritizing your design toward what you aim to achieve. I LOVE their end effector.

2205A is stupid simple. It looks like it weighs maybe 5 pounds. It was better driven than most any other VRC bot I’ve seen this year. They even had cantilevered wheels to save weight. To put it in perspective, it looks like they used no more structural metal than in a single AL kit. Wonderful robot.

Oh no! I missed it! Is the footage archived anywhere? I think vex should make it available on youtube or something!