Vex Robotics Animation Resources

The online challenge of Game Animation is back.

I was wondering if anyone had any helpful resources and software recommendations to learn how to make animations for Vex Robots.

Any help would be appreciated.


There are multiple ways to go about doing this depending on how complex you would want to get. To design the robots, I’d start in Autodesk Inventor to build the robots. Once you are done building the robot you want to organize the robot into sub assemblies by each moving part (i.e wheels lift bar). Then you can ether go to Blender or Autodesk Maya. Maya might be a tad be easier cause you can import Inventor assemblies (your robot and field) directly into Maya with all the correct hierarchies. Things you may want to do is reduce vertex and polygon count to make it actually able to run. But other than that, it is all just Maya animation work.

If you want to export to blender, you want to open all the files you want to export in Inventor then export everything to an obj. then import all of those files into blender.

I’m no animation expert but that is the general workflow outside of knowing how to cad robots and knowing how to animate


but going back to the topic of “how complex you want to get” there is also the option to completely cut out the step of inventor and just work in Maya or blender image
these are what the robots from a previous submission look like and can be easily be made in Maya or Blender using primitives