VEX® Robotics Appoints John V-Neun as Vice President of Engineering

VEX® Robotics Appoints John V-Neun as Vice President of Engineering
V-Neun Chosen to Oversee Product Development Growth Worldwide

GREENVILLE, Texas – Feb. 10, 2013 – VEX® Robotics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovation First International, announced today that John V-Neun has been named Vice President of Engineering. In this role, V-Neun will help manage the explosive growth of the VEX Robotics product lines, and will be responsible for the company’s engineering & educational development projects worldwide.

V-Neun has more than eight years of product development, project management, and engineering design experience. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University in upstate New York, he relocated to Greenville, TX to join the Innovation First International team. Mr. V-Neun was one of the primary designers responsible for the initial development of the VEX Robotics Design System, and has been involved with VEX Robotics since its inception, serving as the company’s product manager and later Director of Product Development.

“John is a results-oriented leader with a proven track record of developing successful product lines,” said Paul Copioli, president of VEX Robotics, Inc. “He is well suited for this position, and I am confident in his ability to lead the charge as we continue to provide high quality, affordable & accessible products that will engage students worldwide.”

A prominent member in the robotics community, V-Neun has spent nearly 15 years as a participant, volunteer and mentor of FIRST®. In 2008, he was recognized by FIRST® as a Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner, an honor which celebrates effective communication in the art and science of engineering and design.

“VEX Robotics is at a very exciting point in time, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead our engineering team as we work to create the next generation of products that will help advance STEM education,” said John V-Neun, vice president of engineering for VEX Robotics, Inc. “I am excited by what we’ve accomplished over the past five years, and with what we plan to accomplish in the next five.”

VEX is the only middle and high school robotics platform with significant penetration in both the daytime classroom instruction and extracurricular competitions. The company’s mission is to make VEX Robotics accessible to as many schools as possible, to as many students as possible, in as many cities, states and countries as possible.

Congratulations, JVN! They couldn’t have picked a better person for the job.

congrats :smiley:

Congratulations JVN! I wish you best of Luck in your new position!

Congratulations JVN best of luck with the new position :smiley:

Level Up!
Congrats JVN!

Congrats JVN !

So what does the corporate ladder look like at VEX these days ?
I can’t seem to find a organization chart on vex’s or IFI’s website


Congratulations! Best of luck to you in this new role, looking forward to more VEX/VEX Pro products and product lines to come out under your leadership.


Congratulations JVN! :slight_smile: