Vex robotics Backup Plan

Is there a backup plan for this year in the robotics competition. Will we got digital in the competition and virtual cad and tournament manager all for a digital competition

as of now the season is planned to go as normal, with the hope that competitions will be able to happen in the fall.
if not, I would expect recf to come up with some sort of solution.


Rest assured, neither the RECF nor EPs are expecting to have fully normal competitions in most parts of the world, at least not early in the season. Expect to hear more details about potential modifications for the season at the Event Partner Summit.


I’m sure there’s something along those lines being created right now, but this is something that’s caught everyone off guard. I assume that as long as we follow precautions and there isn’t a second wave, we’ll be able to proceed as normal. However, I really fear for the US. Even though the logarithmic stats show that the curve is being flattened, we have yet to see what the effects of the protests and lifting further restrictions will have on their timelines. Even if this is the top of the curve and the number of new cases start to fall, it’ll be months before there’s a reasonable number of cases to start holding functions with a lot of people, such as tournaments.

If there’s another outbreak, we could see Worlds cancelled, postponed, or moved someplace safer. At this point in time, France and Spain seem like viable options, as does Hong Kong to a slightly lesser extent. Since Texas is about to surpass 70k cases, and the US as a whole is closing in on 2 Million, I’m not sure many internationals will be willing to go, let alone travel bans being lifted. I’m sure the GDC is looking at something like this, too, but even that poses problems. This means that we need a shortened season so we can get make sure all the paperwork is done, like how China and Hong Kong historically finished around December.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t honestly think worlds will happen next year. I’m really hopeful, as a senior, but I won’t hold my breath. Especially if there’s another outbreak.


the situation is very fluid, it’s very hard to predict how next season will go. There is a chance it will be fine, but there is also a chance that next year will be a continuation of the lockdowns. Best thing to do right now is just have fun designing and building robots, regardless of whether or not they’ll be able to compete.


Agreed, although I’d also say to everyone to follow the restrictions regardless of what you think of them. Plans put in place by people smarter than us is the best way to get through this.


obviously, the more closely we follow these restrictions the chances of ending this are better.


I’m presently planning my events to all start after 1 Jan 2021 (be a little crammed in)

There is lots that is still up in the air. Key thing for Delmarva is them finding a vaccine and being able to roll it out to residents.

As noted above the EP Partner summit is coming up soon, and I’ll guess there will be lots of interesting discussions.

I’d suggest a lot of patience for this season. I’d focus on

  1. Planning to build a physical robot
  2. Collecting money to pay for your events (and Worlds) If you don’t go or there isn’t one, you are ahead for 2022 Worlds

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