Vex Robotics Code

In the downloads, I see the following:

Vex Default Firmware (zip, 05-20-05)
Vex Starter Code (zip, 11-16-05)
Vex Master Code (zip, 11-16-05)

I’m assuming the above are as follows:

Vex Default Firmware (zip, 05-20-05) - the HEX that restores the user processor with the default code (i.e., autonomous machine code along with other stuff. Not source.

Vex Starter Code (zip, 11-16-05) - the source code that is a watered down version of the above for beginning the creation of one’s own user processor code.

Vex Master Code (zip, 11-16-05) - the default BIN file, which is the machine code for the master (non-user) processor. This is a BIN, no source.

Are the above generally correct?

If yes, more questions:

Is the “Vex Starter Code (zip, 11-16-05)” source code the basis for the “Vex Default Firmware (zip, 05-20-05)” HEX file, only watered down?

If so, what is missing? Is autonomous mode code missing?
You can compare the 2 files to determine all the differences.

If so, is the original full source for the user processor available or proprietary?
It is available, just send us an email requesting it.

Regarding the “Vex Master Code (zip, 11-16-05),” I am assuming the BIN for the master processor is loaded via the user-processoring using the IFI’s protocol. Is that true, or do the two processors multiplex the serial connection?
True. All current code in the User processor is erased and must be reloaded after the Master Code.