Vex Robotics Community Members Survey

Hello everyone, I am conducting a survey of the vex robotics community for a college mechanical engineering course. The survey is aimed toward high school level VRC members, but I encourage anyone to take it if you so please. All that I can ask is that you give truthful answers and share this with others who may be interested.

Here’s the survey:


I responded. It would be very interesting to see some statistics and correlations btw if you feel like you can release them while still protecting individual respondent’s privacy.


Do dual credit (simultaneous college and high school credit) classes count as AP/college level classes? Some classes I’ve taken have given me multiple college credits, but those classes are not specifically called AP or college level.

I’m interested to see as well, I should be able to post the results in the future as the survey doesn’t record and log who gave what response.

If the course gave you college credit I would say it counts.

Is the GPA weighted or unweighted. If it is weighted, you should add. 4.00+

Not OP but I already responded assuming unweighted since the option for 4+ didn’t exist

I feal like it would be better if we could edit our response. I answers as if dual credit bus not an AP. I want to change that responce

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Unweighted GPA, it just worked better for me if it was unweighted.

You should be able to edit your response now.

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I want to say thank you to all of you who have completed the survey as this has greatly helped me find good, first hand data that would not have been available otherwise.


if your survey is still up, I can ask about 20 people tomorrow to fill it out during a robotics meeting

It will be up still at that time, and if you did ask more people that would be great.

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I’m currently in 8th grade, but it didn’t show an option stating 8th grade. I selected 9th grade instead. Is that okay?

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