VEX Robotics Competition College Challenge Rules Posted

The VEX Robotics Competition College Challenge Rules (Appendix F) have been posted for VEX Round Up.

VEX Round Up - Appendix F - VRC College Challenge

More information on VEX Round Up is available on the VEX Wiki.

looking epic at the moment
love the ULTRA high hanging
wonder how many teams will be able to accomplish that by worlds…

Interesting twists!

I literally can’t think of a single way anybody could possibly ultra high hang. Anyone who accomplishes that will get a hi-five from myself.

I won’t be competing due to the FIRST Championship date conflict unless my FRC team opts out from that event. I’ll have to find out soon, as the cost of building two full robots means a lot more advance planning and organization than a simple scrimmage. Either way, I’m excited to see what the college teams come up with.

Alright! KTOR is ready to go, who’s up for a game?

looks cool. the 18" cubed restriction is interesting, it should really challenge the college teams to work with 6 fewer inches in one dimention (I hope nobody started CAD assuming the size rule wouldn’t change :rolleyes:). Ultra Hangs will be epic. I too will offer up a high five for teams who can do it consistently and if you really impress me there may be a cookie in your future.:wink:


i think my defense bot design SHOULD be able to do it…
ahh well
thats the secondary design AFTER we get a ticket to worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re in college?

Better have a second bot too.

still have 2 more yrs
just interested in the college challenge because i have made many friends at dallas that is graduating this yr :slight_smile:

Sorry about being late to the messages …

I like the higher 30" goals for both the tubes and the ultra high hang. That is some serious lifting capability starting inside 18". I would have liked to see extra points for tubes on the 30" goals to give teams a reason to go after them.

The 30 points for a Ultra Hang is a pretty good bonus. So do you build a small robot that’s capable of just climbing the ladder? I’m thinking a six wheel robot using the leg wheels may be able to just climb the rungs.

I’m super excited about the longer autonomous period. It will really give teams a chance to showcase both programming and building talents. With tape leading to the goals line follower code will be in high demand. The longer time would allow a robot to climb the tower during the auto period.

And thanks IFI for allowing ANY sensors!!! With the longer auto period and the shorter drive time it’s going to make it important to have sensors to help the drivers find goals and score quickly.

I predict that we will see a number of nimble holobots with snorkels to grab and score stacks of tubes.

Should be a cool season, I’m looking forward to seeing them compete.

We are confused as to the “modification” in the rules about the 1 team v. 1 team. Does that mean that there will only be two robots total in the field during the match that can be switched out by each side for a different robot or is it just the same thing as last year where there are just four robots total in the field during a match.

Nevermind we just figured it out:)

Each College brings TWO robots with up to two drivers a piece (IE four drivers total plus a coach).

Just to super clarify. :slight_smile:


A college can bring many robots to the pit area but can only bring two from the pit to the playing field. I thought that rule was an interesting spin. You could build special robots to match your opponents.

Or a wee little one that gets lifted atop the ladder by a not-so-wee-little one.


An ultra high ramp bot is probably as good and simpler than 2 high hangers… ooh.

ONLY if that wee little robot touches the ladder aswell!


:slight_smile: thank you…