Vex Robotics Competition Wheel Limit

I am currently on Vrc team 383V and a random idea had popped in my head “Is there a limit on how many wheels I can use for drivetrain on a vex V5 competition robot?”

If there is no limit on how many wheels you can have on your robot would this idea put less stress on the motors preventing them from overheating. Second would this design help with driving over the game discs and the low goal. Finally would this design Affect how well my robot drives and turns.

I already know there is a motor limit of 8 motors but I want to have 3 wheels on both sides of my robot driven by one motor and a chain on both sides. There are some pictures attached to help better understand what I’m asking.

There is no limit, I guess?? Also please read the manual before entering stuff here on VF.


Welcome to the forums! First, your question can be answered by reading the manual. Second, it seems that your flywheel is a dual sided flywheel, keep in mind that these do not give much spin to disks and that is what makes it travel faster and further.

Actual answer if you don’t want to read the manual now

There are no limit on wheels

If you can only “guess” then why are you posting at all??

Have you read the game manual? (If not, then that is the first thing you need to do). If you have, what rule makes you think there might be a limit?


You can actually only have 2 wheels total on your robot. It was just announced tomorrow. Now everyone’s robots are illegal. Safe journeys, traveler.


This is the new meta. (Ignore the fact that it’s iq.)


There is a practical limit that you can use on a drivetrain; if you use 1.625" flex wheels you can probably use close to 10 on each side.

Not iq one: balancing robot in 3 days; Belton high school club fair; vex robotics - YouTube

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I can confirm that vex motorcycles are possible. A member of our sister team built one last year for the heck of it.

Sorry for low quality picture, it’s the only good one I could steal and the bot is disassembled.


Is that really true? I thought this thread Are discs frisbees: No? disproved that?

I’d say a double flywheel is actually more favorable than a single flywheel. It is entirely possible to launch discs from anywhere on the field with any kind of launcher, but launchers that deliver little to no spin to the discs will be the most favorable. This is because as the goal starts getting more full, you want the disc to have as little spin as possible so that it doesn’t bounce out of the goal.

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Ah, I see now, thank you for correcting my errors. I had said that after seeing a robot reveal that had the dual flywheel and it seemed to have the disks fly shorter distances. Now I see that may be an upside. I may consider using this flywheel setup on my robot now.

This would likely not affect the stress put on motors as you are not getting rid of stress but rather distributing it more evenly along your drive base. If you are having overheating problem it is likely due to you having only 2 motors on your drive train which is highly ill advised.

As EcstaticPilot mentioned, adding wheels will not impact the strain on the motors. As for your current setup, do you only have four motors total? in general, a 4m drive is the hard floor for how many motors should be dedicated to your drivetrain. Anything less and its too slow, not torquey enough, and overheats too quickly.


yes youre only allowed to use three wheels


See, I have never read all 45 pages of the manual I just read the scoring stuff. I have never heard of a wheel limit thats why I put a Question mark.

Read the whole manual please. Scoring is not the only topic you should be concerned with.


Says to read the manual


Hasn’t read the manual