VEX Robotics Design Challenge

This year, we have nearly 50 entries to the three Design Challenges. The voting opened up early this morning, so be sure to go vote for your peers’ entries. You can vote once a day up to 5 times total.

Visit the site to check out the great entries that have been submitted.

Will there be any more of these challenges? I missed this one it appears. I dont have any time to complete a robot.

Voting starts today!

I tried voting and it would let me vote for product design submissions but not team promo submissions. Any ideas?

True … I’m having the same problem.

Small bug in the voting code – should be OK now.

Hey guys i’m already voting, i’d like to see your coments on the videos too ^^

I would love to have some more of these challenges in the future. The product design challenge was really fun!

I still can’t vote for the promo videos. Help please!!!

HEY EVERYONE!!! :slight_smile:
Please vote for TEAM 542 WHS Robotics’ VRC Promotional Video at

Please vote and check us out on youtube!!!


Hey There! :slight_smile:
Does anyone know when the winners of the Design Challenge will be announced???

They were announced at the World Championship but no results (that I know of) have been posted online. I won the Design a Game Animation challenge, unfortunately I don’t recall who won the other two design challenges.

Didn’t a Brazil/Brasil team win the “Promote Vex with a video” award, and I remember that the animated Cookie Monster look-alike machine (from Cranebrook? (Vexellent?)) won the “Design a Product” challenge.

In the design a product challenge I remember that the kitchen-chopper earned 3rd place and the brother-bugger earned 2nd.


That’s right, a mexican team won the product design, and the promotional was the Team 7011 Challengers from Brasil \o)(my country)

Correct, you can view the entries here.

Does anyone know who won 2nd and 3rd for the promo video?

We’ll be putting all the announced results online early this week. Stay tuned to the site.

yeah, when are the results going to be announced, it’s been quite a while since the voting ended.

Go ahead and check out my youtube channel:

it has the video of my robot on it (PuP_mate V2)

Here is another link that i found containing more info to one of the winners of the Design Challenge. (purple Animatronic Brain)


I posted all of them but the 3rd place for the game animation challenge … I’m waiting on an e-mail with the official results before I post that one.

I won third (2202)