VEX Robotics Educator Conference

Again, not sure who should make this request to - it is regarding the VEX Robotics Educator Conference.

VEX Robotics Educator Conference

I do think it is an excellent initiative and would have love to send some of my teachers over there (especially if they are already flying over for worlds).

But I do notice that the dates of the conference (based on last year and this year) has always been after the high school worlds.

For overseas teams, it will be difficult for us to extend our stay just to attend the conference (the students can’t be left unattended to in any case).

Just wondering if there is any future plans to have maybe 2 runs of the conference? Or maybe even going hybrid mode?

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perhaps @tfriez or @jmckenna


I appreciate the feedback - it’s a difficult balance to find a 2-3 day span over the course of the VEX Robotics World Championship that works for everyone. Doing the event earlier during the event would cause the same issues with IQ related teams so there’s no good way to accommodate all competition ranges. Also, last year we had a significant majority of attendees that had no competition involvement (classroom educators) that got to experience Worlds as their first competition event.

One thing to note - as the conference attendance is a complimentary benefit of VEX PD+ All-Access, we do record every presentation session and add it to the PD+ video library after the event. Here’s a free example of one of the keynote presentations of the conference in 2023:

As we continue to grow the conference and PD+ I would love to expand the event to even more days to accommodate all competition categories. Thanks again for your feedback.