Vex Robotics Large Omni-Directional Wheel Kit

New from Vex Robotics the Vex Robotics Large Omni-Directional Wheel Kit

wow those are nice!

I must Aquire those NOW! Awesome, they look great, now hopefully we’ll get some new gears to use in an awesome drive train for these babies…

i must say, they look good too, but i dont think i would get them just because i already have to other, smaller ones.

those are amazing!!! our team will tave to order a couple of sets!!


Our team built a holomonic robot to demonstrate the new Vex Robotics Large Omni-Directional Wheel Kit. Take a look: (Bottom View)
[ (Top View)

If you are in New Jersey or nearby stop by Monty Madness and take a turn driving this (and 2 of our other) robots!]( (Top View))

(Bottom View)
[ (Top View)

If you are in New Jersey or nearby stop by Monty Madness and take a turn driving this (and 2 of our other) robots!]( (Top View))And how, pray tell, did your team get a set before the rest of us did???

Where do other teams get in line to be beta testers of new products?


Let me clear this up. Our team is helping to run the FVC Offseason tournament at Monty Madness this Saturday. We contacted VexLabs asking if we could be sent the parts as soon as possible so that we could demonstrate the new parts to the public. We did not “win” the opportunity to have these parts, nor did we beta-test them. Although, I can say they are great parts and a very worthwhile purchase.

I posted these pictures to demonstrate how the parts can be used - sorry if I caused any confusion.

So, Nonother, your team did get them before everyone else in a sense. I think that VEXLabs did you pretty good with all that. Do you have any videos of your robots with these new omni’s on them, I have been really wondering how different they are or the same comparing to the other omni’s.

Just Wondering,

I might of missed it but does any one know the diameter of the wheel? Is it the diameter same as any of the other wheels?


They are the same size as the medium sized wheels or the “all-purpose wheels”

Very nice. I’m certain these will come in great handy. I have no need for them now. But later. . .

Now all we need are Vex mechanums.

these are ao awsome, i just got mine. they have the best traction of any vex wheel so far because of the big rollers spaced apart, they also roll better than the other omnis.

I agree. These are nice wheels. The small rollers are also a little like a “sticky-type of rubber”, so the traction is good. The rollers on the small omni-wheels were just hard plastic.

The rollers on these new wheels are also staggered, and not all in a row, so there will always be good contact from wheel to ground.

The small wheels on the omnis are rubber?! Awesome that will make them much better.

I beg to differ on this part. The small omni wheels had a hard compound rubber. The first time our team got them I thought that it was plastics too, but when we started to feel the green rollers we realized they were rubber, maybe not rubber throughout, but they have a rubber coating around them. I have not felt the new larger omni’s, but maybe they are a softer compound rubber than the regular omni’s.

That misses the point I was trying to make. All I was trying to say was that the new wheels appear to be “stickier” than the smaller ones. What exactly they are made of is minor.

Not necessarily, What they are made of is one of the biggest variables to their performance. If they are made of cheap plastic then they will jump around more and not slide as often. I also understand where you are coming from with how much the larger omni’s grip. This is probably due to the two rows of rollers and the alternate placing like: ---- (these are supposed to be a representative of the roller’s placement)
I think VEXLabs should try to make the smaller omni’s like this. If they made the rollers smaller they may be able to accomplish this.

I don’t think you could mak the small omnis like the big ones, with alternating rollers, without makeing them bigger. It make be possible but I think you would end up with a less even roll when the wheel was rolling like a normal wheel.

if you don’t hve the big ones stop arguing they are better. get some and experiment yourself.