VEX Robotics Merit Badge Bundle Now Available

VEX Robotics is proud be a partner with the Boy Scouts of America on the Robotics Merit Badge. Boy Scouts now have the opportunity to earn a merit badge while learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The VEX Robotics BSA Robotics Merit Badge Bundle is a specially formulated kit that allows scouts to meet all the requirements of the Robotics Merit Badge. Up to three scouts can work together using one kit. Once the scouts have completed the requirements and earned the merit badge, the robot can be disassembled and reused. See below for more details on the BSA Robotics Merit Badge Bundle.

This kit is now in-stock and shipping starting at $299.99. We have 3 options, with trial software, with easyC or with ROBOTC.

Visit for more information on the Robotics Merit Badge and the VEX Robotics Merit Badge Bundle.