VEX Robotics Metal Steel

My team is selling a lot vex steel which is worth about $600 and we are selling it in set one cost $120 and another for $145.

The lot that is $145 Includes over 60 pieces of VEX Robotics steel metal. Angles, c-channels, rails, plates.
The lot that $120 includes 40+ pieces of steel VEX Robotics metal. Numerous angles, plates (12 and 8 inch), c-channels, 1x 12 and 12 inch rails.

is it all steel, or is there some aluminum too?

All steel

Wow! At that price, it really is a STEAL!

Ba dum tsssss
I’ll show myself out

I don’t think too many people will think of buying that much steel ever since aluminum has been produced. This competition is about lifting and speed so everyone would want to have a lighter robot.

Some people build Vex robots for fun without even competing! That’s the main way I use Vex products these days, and thus I’m seriously considering this offer as a way to get a bunch of structural stuff for cheap.

For teams starting out this is insane. I remember when my team was initially underfunded I ordered steel even directly from vex because it was somewhat cheaper.

Well ok but I was talking about the teams that are competing.

it is all sold