VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship FINALS CLIP

A few mins befor the finals started on the live brodcast a friend told me to start recording, on such short notice i did not have time to prepare anything and i had to go in a cuple of mins so all i did was let it record for like 2 hours and cropped out the advertisments.

the vid is kinda long so youtube is out of the question so i uploaded it to Veoh,

Link is found here


Did they show the results of the semi-finals matches by any chance?

im quite sure i got it all… if not then FML._.

OMG I want to thank you for this. I didn’t get any video of the tournament and of our robots there or anything. I was going to try to record the webcast but couldn’t figure out how. Thank you so much for posting this!!


Ill like to congrat the winning alliance and my good friends from Green Eggs, Everyone in that elimination bracket had great robots :smiley:

if worst comes to worst, you could always have a camcorder recording the screen :stuck_out_tongue:
green eggs is sure FAST!!

NP, if u had to thxs anyone thxs murdomeek for spamming me to record it lol

i had to leave and i really wanted to see the green egg robot :stuck_out_tongue:
least you did it :wink:

Hahaha, yes. Although a few months back my camcorder finally broke… :o

Haha, then thank you ‘murdomeek’! :smiley:


Thank you so much for doing this! Great views of great robots.

One thing that puzzles me is that every year at Worlds, high-quality video feed is shown to the spectators, and I wonder why it’s never recorded for posterity and the benefit of those who can’t attend. In 2007, Bridge Battle was recorded and uploaded to the NASA website, but since then, I haven’t seen anything like it.

Unlike videos taken by spectators, the official video feed is taken from optimal camera angles, and there are generally no views of refs or spectators blocking views the fields.

I wish I had the capability to record, but my computer is vintage 2003, and so are my skills in that department.

I do actually have 6 hours of high-quality feed from the 2008 Worlds (the finals) recorded off TV, stored on a satellite hard drive that I’ve been planning to upload and share. However, with no functional VCR or DVR, I’ve put that project on hold until I can get the equipment cheaply (like at a yard sale).

maybe we can request it somewhere?
and it would be awesome if it (the whole video for the day) can be zipped and uploaded one a file sharing site, that way teams can watch videos of themselves and other robots in their hotel and stategize for the next day
(i know its kind of asking for a lot, but at least get the vids recorded? ;))

or we can ask nicely to friends and family of the people of this forum to record it for 3 days straight :wink:

The problem in the past has been that the video wasn’t broken into matches and it wasn’t recorded by VEX/RECF. No one ever took the many hours it would take to break up the video and post it.

This year, we are hosting our own video stream, and are looking into what it will take the gazillions of bytes of video and post it in individual matches. With more than 500 matches, this is a non-trivial problem.

even if you didnt break it, you can still publish the 9 hr chunk, and hopefully a kind forum member will dedicate their time to that :slight_smile:
you’d get lots of likes and subs in your youtube channel :rolleyes:

I’d be glad to break it all. Of course it won’t happen until after I arrive home from the World Championship but I’d still be up for doing that if nobody wants to, haha. :stuck_out_tongue:


If i go out and buy a 2 Tb Harddrive befor worlds I think i’ll be more then happy to record the live till i get back LOL // remote access to my pc via laptop…

Lol sweet. :smiley:


lets see, i recorded for about…6 hours… that was around 4GB. 16gb per dayXaround 5 days = prob 80-100GB that acaully isnt too much… Soooooooo murdo… wanna donate to a good cuase :D(recording EVERY MATCH in worlds)

Aaahahaha. XD I was gonna do that last year, lol. Didn’t really get around to it… XP


LOl i leave my pc on for weeks at a time, all i really need to do is delete things off my drive or just get a new one:) I’d also need to figue out how to connect to my pc Via laptop without having someone in front of my pc lol , IM sure u can do it but never really tried><

aha, already lent you my 8gb flash drive :stuck_out_tongue:
btw ill need that back tmrw…