VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship (March 4 and 5, 2011)

Attention Teams! Registration for the VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship (VMAC) is open on Robot Events. After a very successful VMAC last year, despite some weather challenges, we will be holding the second VMAC on March 4 and 5th in Westminster, MD. Last year we had teams in attendance from as far north as Massachusetts and as far south as North Carolina. While this is a regional Championship event, any team can register and attend. We have setup registration to accommodate 100 teams in the high school divisions (2 divisions) and 32 teams in the middle school division. The high school divisions will compete both March 4 and 5. The middle school division will compete March 5 only. Middle school teams may register for the high-school divisions if they wish, but they will be competing with high school teams for awards as well as on the field.

An event of more than 100 teams requires quite a bit of planning, so we ask that teams planning to attend to complete their paid registration as soon as possible, but definitely by the January 1, 2001 registration deadline.

Additional information can be found on the event website ( ), and additional information will be appearing periodically as we get closer to the event.

Travis - Team 861 , we had the ability to attend the mid Atlantic competition put on at the 4H center. IT WAS A BLAST, not to mention VERY professional. Any teams that can attend this event we highly encourage you to sign up.

The veteran team 861 will be there most likely this year and possibly our new rookie team

The VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship (VMAC) website has been updated with more material. Check it out and get your teams registered! We do not have hotel information available yet, but we will be adding it over the next few weeks. We have also adjusted the registration deadline to January 15th to give teams a few more weeks after the holidays to complete their registration. But we must hold firm on that deadline since we require time to adequately plan for a large number of teams.

The VMAC Website is .

The VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship Middle School Division is starting to fill up! The STEM Robotics crew from the Southeast Pennsylvania is bringing 11 teams, and other MS teams are also registered.

High School VEX teams, it is time to start registering! We want to have 100 High School teams in the house, for two days of intense competition spread across two divisions.

Coaches keep in mind that the holidays are quickly approaching, and once schools return from the holiday break there will only be two weeks left to complete your paid registration. We must have firm numbers by mid January to adequately plan an event for more than 100 teams.

The event website is:

Email us at if you have any questions.

To answer a question I received, that other teams may have on the VEX Mid-Atlantic Championship, the event is open to all teams. There is no need to qualify to attend. You need only to complete your paid registration before we fill the event and registration closes.

We are all looking forward to the two days of intense competition for high school teams and also the one day middle school division where middle school teams will compete with their peers!

Activity for the Mid-Atlantic Championship is picking up! Teams are registering and we need to start identifying our volunteers. These events would not run without a great team of dedicated volunteers! If you are interested in supporting this two day event, please send an email to . If you can only volunteer one day, let us know and we will work you in somewhere.

For the teams out there… have you registered yet? What are waiting for? …until we fill up the event and you are out of luck? :frowning: Interested teams should be completing their paid registration now. Don’t wait, we don’t have much flexibility to increase the registration cap.

Team 1727 (Rex) will be there. Who else is coming?

Merry Christmas from the VMAC planning committee!

Please note the reduced registration fee for middle school teams ($150 to $100). Register today!

Give your high school teams a Christmas present too and register them too.

I believe 177 (Twisted Botz) will be there… And we already have one volunteer signed up! :smiley:

Still not sure whether 177B or 177C (maybe??) will be making an appearance there… We saw some exciting results from last year, so I’m pushing for at least a B-team…

Com’on guys! Let’s get 150 teams here! The whole world is watching this competition, so let’s make it good!

Hey high school VRC teams- time to step up and register for the Mid-Atlantic Championship! We have filled the middle school division, and have some additional MS teams on a waitlist. We can add additional MS teams to the waitlist and are working on ways to accommodate all of the waitlisted teams. If you have a high school team and want to ensure you have a space at this second year championship event, you should register your team as soon as possible! The extra space we had to accommodate high school overflow teams will most likely now be used for the awesome middle school division(s) we have!

I was just wondering if we have some firm numbers on the number of teams that will be in attendance, now that the deadline has passed… (by a mere fifteen minutes…)

I just want to make sure I can adequately prepare myself for the immense awesomeness of so many amazing machines. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, do we have some more volunteers? Com’on people! rather than sitting in the stands, take part in one of the best competitions of the year, and earn the undying gratitude of hundreds, if not thousands of team members!

Also, are we going to have a team social again? I know I really enjoyed playing laser tag against 24 last year, and we’ve vowed ourselves to a rematch… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it is time for an update on the Mid-Atlantic VEX Championship-

The middle school division has filled to capacity. Middle school teams can plan on some excellent competition on March 5th! We have pulled some of the space from the high school team area to accomodate additional MS teams! Sorry, but we can take no more middle school teams. We have MS teams attending from Maryland, Virginia and Ohio.

We have reopened registration for the high school division to try to fill the few remaining spaces for the two daysof competition. Current registration numbers plus the remaining spaces, which I expect will fill, gives us a good target for planning purposes. Please be aware that at this point your registration is not confirmed until your team’s registration is paid. Unpaid teams can be bumped by teams who register and pay their registration fee. Complete your paid registration if you want to grab one of the remaining spaces. Once we hit our limit, we will have no way to accommodate additional teams at this late date. Right now we have teams registered from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio.

To answer Joe’s question- Yes, we are planning a team party. Everyone had a great time last year so we definitely wanted to hold the party again! It will be at the same location as last year, on Friday March 4th, 7 to 9 PM, with bumper cars, laser tag, glo-golf, and more. Tickets will be $9.00 in advance and $12.00 if bought the day of the party. Information will be going up on website about the party and how to preorder tickets, very soon – .

The awards for the Mid-Atlantic Championship are also now up on the website, so go check them out.

Finally, I am excited to announce that two of the VEX engineers are scheduled to be on site both days providing electronics support to the event and teams. Come meet some of the VEX Robotoics experts on the Cortex and sensors!

All teams attending should look over the VMAC website and the awards section. To be eligible for certain awards teams will need to pre-submit information.

For teams also attending the World Championship, this will be great practice!

Team Update #1 was sent out last night.

In case anyone missed it all updates will be posted on the VMAC website:

You can still sign up. We’re still looking for a few good (high school) teams!

And I heard through the grapevine that a GREAT team just signed up. :slight_smile:

Haha, yes I can’t wait to see Green Egg there! :slight_smile:


Are spectators welcome? My team wanted to compete, but the trip was going to be too expensive for us (we are from New Jersey). However, I still want to come down on Saturday March 5th to watch the competition.

They encourage spectators! I assume it will be like last year and they will have bleachers set up around the playing fields for people to watch from.

Bring a robot and one adult and you are a team…