Vex Robotics Multi-Tool

Ok, I just got this idea minutes ago after loosing/finding my vex tools for about the millionth time.

Why doesn’t Vex make a specially designed multi-tool? That way I would not loose my tools, and it would just be sweet! It would be amazing if it included all of the tools that come with the Vex Starter Kit, and a pliers. Maybe some other things too.

Anyone else have some input? I would really like to hear from a Vex person about this… :slight_smile:

Makes it harder to share, so everyone needs their own multi-tool. Sounds like a good idea over all…

I’ve found that wrapping the wrenches in colored Electrical tape works well. That way you know that all the *green wrenches are for the 8/32 screws and the *red wrenches are for the 6/32 screws.

*Insert your own color here.

I actually have one perfect for Vex. I got it from a bike store (same sizes)

Spray paint allen keys and get a tool box. :slight_smile:


Okay, time to get back to writing my DE English paper…

but if you lose the multi tool, ur screwed…

True, but losing something like that is a different level of forgetfulness entirely.

I’m about at that level:o

I must agree that a “swiss army tool” for Vex would be nice. However, I have a particular way to approach it that may work well. Two words: Vex Ratchet. Have different sockets/tips that fit all the Vex hardware. Have the head where it will work either straight or at a 90 degree angle. I just got through doing some modifications to a current robot, and found that this would have been most useful.

I’ve seen things similar to this at hardware stores, but obviously nothing in the size that would fix vex. The ratchet would need to be super small (narrow) and long, but I think it could be done with the proper planning.