Vex robotics off-road truck 406-4557

Not sure what the issue is. Suspect pilot controller or steering sensor based on other posts, but her is my issue. My son just receive the above mentioned vex truck, as a birthday gift, and after spending 12 hours putting in together, the truck will go forward and back but will not turn. When it powers up you see the steering go left and right, but control will not turn wheels. I disconnected from moving parts and no change. This is a rev 1 truck. Please help, I have one very upset child.

Hi. I’ve built two of these. You say the front wheels go back and forth. Just wanted to make sure when its done, both wheels are pointing forward. If the wheels are canted, the turn sensor is bad.

You said that it drives forward, so the brain is connecting with your smart phone.

At this point it’s worth calling VEX support in the morning and talking to them.

@Mastergoose sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you. But if you could post what the final fix was that would be helpful for others