Vex robotics parts poster

I thought for sure I’ve seen a set of wall posters that have a pictorial list of all the VEX EDR parts. I can’t find where to buy these, does anyone know?

VEX IQ has it’s Super Kit Contents poster. That is similar to what I’m looking for in an EDR poster.

You could make one. Simply copy-paste pics of every EDR product on the site and label each one. Sounds a bit tedious but it’s pretty easy.

Do EDR posters come with large EDR starter kits?

I just opened a EDR Super Kit and IQ Super Kit this weekend, I didn’t find a poster in the EDR kit.

My middle school had a basic parts lists and on the reverse side it had a surfer with a giant head for some reason. Maybe they just don’t make them anymore.

Giant head surfer? lol. I remember seeing something along the lines of that being discussed when I did a forum search.

I found out the posters I’ve seen before where homemade. They were really handy for students, especially ones new to the program. I’ll post a pic of one of them if I can.

Here are what the posters look like. They were pretty helpful for a robotics program with a lot of students. There were 7 or 8 posters with different categories of parts.

These were homemade. The pages were cut and glued onto card stock, then laminated.

That’s pretty cool

They look like pages from the VEX catalog.

This years version (30MB download, see page 14 for motion accessories)

Yes, it’s VEX catalog pages printed and pasted on a 11" x 17" poster board.
Thanks for the link.

In the robotics lab at my school, we have the surfer poster where it says " Born To Vex" on the surf board. The man riding it has an enlarged head. I assumed the big head to show he was very knowledgeable. But the poster seemed off topic.

We have one too. i think it was just a marketing stunt.