Vex Robotics Project Ideas(Urgent)

I got a vex robotics cortex kit and alot of parts but I don’t know what to build please give me some ideas!!!

My ego is probably too big, but here’s an idea: %between%
Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks I don’t think im ready for that though.

Flame thrower a good Idea???

A great place to start would be something like the robot that Bryon posted, or the Open Source Robot as posted by jpearman.

These will give you a simple, yet effective, start to the concepts used in the competition world, if that is where you are headed.

Other projects that would not pertain directly to the competition are ping pong ball throwers, pamphlet or flier distributors, or speed robots. These are fun, but don’t help much for the competition other than very basic skills.