VEX Robotics World Championship Panoramic Photography

You may have seen a photographer taking pictures on a tall tripod at various locations around the Championship a few weeks ago. I’ve just put up the photos that were being taken over on Using your mouse, the shift & control keys, you can pan and zoom around in any direction. There were photos taken at every division, in the arena, and at a few other locations around the pits.

Check em out over at

Way cool! I found myself, can you find yourself?

I like these a lot, and yes i was able to find myself.


Avondale College (2911) strangling their own team members:eek:

These are way too cool!

Now I have to get a camera that can do that.

lmfao nice find XD

The only kiwi team I can’t find is SymbiOHSis :eek: