Vex Robotics World Championship Team Survey # 2

Here is the second question the Vex Robotics World Championship Organizers would like team input to help decide:

Right now the plan is to have an opening and closing ceremony on both Friday May 2nd and Saturday May 3rd (four total ceremonies over Friday and Saturday). We would like to know if teams would prefer to:

  • Keep all four ceremonies which are nice blocks of time to relax, hear from event supporters and get news/announcements about the program
  • Cut out one or two of the ceremonies (either the closing ceremony on Friday and/or the opening ceremony on Saturday) to allow more time for qualifying matches, potentially adding one more round of play for each team

Do teams prefer four total ceremonies, or would teams prefer an extra round of matches to play at the expense of 1 or 2 ceremonies? Please place your vote in the survey above. Thank you very much for your vote/input, it is very helpful.

*** important note: neither option above would decrease the number of awards given out at the event and either way there will still be an opening ceremony on Friday and a closing ceremony on Saturday.

Two are enough. We like to play.

Over the past month or so, the planning committee helping to organize the Vex Robotics World Championship has been going back and forth on a couple event aspects which they are not 100% sure about. In the last discussion, the committee members expressed the following general feeling and opinion: