VEX RobotMesh Mimic modelling

Hi everyone! I am using Robot Mash Studio for simulating robot’s movement and etc. I am also making there my robot’s 3D model, but I found one problem with it. There are not enough pieces for me. For example, there are no sprockets, chains and a lot of other pieces. So, can I expand parts’ library in Robot Mesh or import pieces’ CAD files?


Unfortunately, no. I have also asked this question. You just have to work with what you’ve got. My suggestion is use regular gears… that’s all I’m doing. Not perfect… but it gets the job done.

The other problem you may have is that there is no chain… the library definitely isn’t perfect. If you were wondering, V5 mimic is the same way.

Oh, that’s sad. But, what about chains? Could you like replace them?
P.S. I don’t think that it is possible

I don’t quite understand what you mean @Nurax

No, you cannot import extra parts or parts libraries into RMS Mimic.

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Oh. yeah. There is absolutely no way to modify the parts library. If you want a fully detailed robot cad, I would suggest using Autodesk Inventor or Onshape. You can easily modify the parts library in both. You will have to learn how to use it, but… it’s worth it. Best of luck!


I suggest to make you robot in inventor. Because I first started like you making a cad in v5 mimic and figured out that when I switched to inventor and figured out a lot of stuff was wrong so I had to change a lot of stuff.

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The catalog of parts available in the Robot Mesh Studio Mimic (IQ or EDR) is limited to those parts for which we have developed working physics for the robot simulator. We’re adding to these parts all the time: most recently we added the EDR line tracker sensor and the V5 Inertial Sensor (currently 3-axis gyro only supported in the mimic).


So when can we expect to see chain, flaps, and sprockets @RobotMesh?

Also, Thank you @discobot!

Chain, sprockets, tank tread, and flaps present some challenges as to how we model the physics since they can be used for different purposes: and ideally we’d like to support them all.

For example they can be used for:

  1. Mechanical transmission (chain and sprocket)
  2. Tank tread drive of the robot on the ground
  3. Conveyor belts
  4. Intake with flaps

So as they have some of the most challenging physics, they cannot be added (Yet)? Just give them pretty much the same physics as wheels and that should work… Right?

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Is there any possibility that a Change Up ball could be added? It would be very beneficial for teams using this program to model and simulate their robot.