VEX Round Up Game Manual Updates

This thread will be used to keep track of updates to the VEX Round Up Game Manual.

On 11/17/2010 the definition of “scored” was updated in the VEX Round Up Game Manual. The new definition will not affect 99.999% of scoring situations. However the old definition has a peculiar loophole that allowed tubes which were stacked on the ground and not on a goalpost to be “scored”. We also had scenarios which could occur that would lead to tubes counting for ownership of multiple goals. We felt that these situations were counter-intuitive to spectators and if ever applied would take away from the game. We knew these situations would only account for less than 0.001% of the scoring scenario, but we still wanted to eliminate them.

This Q&A entry describes some of the situations we were trying to avoid.

The new definition of scored is:

This definition is no longer recursive, which means it no longer has any criteria making tubes scored if they simply touch other scored tubes.

The scenarios this definition eliminates have not come into play in any official tournaments and in all likelihood will never occur in normal gameplay. However, we wanted to take preemptive action to prevent any sort of weird rulings which would adversely affect VEX Round Up tournaments.

We thank you for your time and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope you’re enjoying VEX Round Up and can’t wait to see how the robots continue to develop this season!

The following updates were made on 12/07/2010 and can be found here:

  • New images were added to further illustrate and clarify the definition of scored

  • Rule <SG4> regarding pinning was updated as described in this thread.

  • An explicit definition of “disqualification” was added to The Tournament section

  • <R7f> was added to legalize the use of tape for securing PWM connections and labeling wires
  • <R7g> was added to legalize the use of a USB extension cable for the remote mounting of VEXnet keys. This was done to allow for easy access to the key and to allow for mounting the key in a position which has less RF shielding.
  • <R10c> was added to prevent teams from mixing and matching VEXnet transmitters and receivers.

so if a school has four robots in a competition and only three joysticks, they CANNOT “share” their joysticks?
and they also CANNOT “borrow” another joystick from another team if all four of the robots are on the same field at once?

what was the reason for this rule change?
in past competitions, teams were all generous and they let other teams use their joystick for a certain match because the “battery was dead” or “ours is not working right now”

i think that sharing and helping other teams that are new to vex or has connection problems is within the spirit of vex robotics

As I understand it you are still allowed to use another team’s transmitter.

What isn’t allowed is using a Cortex-style transmitter with a PIC controller, or an “old-style” transmitter (with wi-fi upgrade) with the Cortex.


Murdomeek’s interpretation of the rule is incorrect. Nowhere in <R10c> does it refer to teams sharing or borrowing joysticks with other teams.

Jason’s intepretation of is precisely correct. Please re-read both <R10c> and Jason’s post.

oh sorry!
my mistake

No worries. :slight_smile: Just want to make sure everyone is clear on these updates.

Two questions:
By 2" from the top of the key, is that referring to 2" in all directions, or 2" perpendicular from the top face?

If no metal can be within 2", can other parts? (Elastics, plastics, etc.)?

does prohibiting the movement against another robot with another FIELD ELEMENT count as pinning?
trapping them in a corner with a movable goal (which they cannot push)?
just another “hypothetical” question

case 1: it was accidental
case 2: it was an intended “strategy”

my teammates and i were joking around with that idea way back, but i just wanted to make sure now so we can give ourselves enough power to push ourselves back out :slight_smile:


Let’s leave this thread to discuss manual updates. If you have a question that you want an official answer, it’s best to ask it in the Q&A. This way all official answers are in one place.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: