VEX Sack Attack Design Thread

So what are your guys ideas on robot designs?

What kind of intake are you all thinking?

A wall bot could be very effective this year.

Let me know your thoughts.

  1. " efficiency bots will be obsolete because of descoring
  2. the new “design” will be super efficient intake hoarder bots that can also descore into their hopper that dumps last second (1103’s cleansweep catapult dumper anyone? ;))
  3. wallbots will be more difficult this year but with 10 HS motors, who knows?
  4. super stacker anyone? :wink:

I was thinking of something like this. I have a few idea’s…

I actually posted this idea on the VEX Forum Chatango.

We were talking about designs.

Would the efficient intake hoarder score the high goals, or will it just dump the objects on the starting tile?

HOG 2.0 Anyone? :wink:

  • Andrew

I was thinking of this last night. This could work…

it easily could, but the endefector gets interesting. I think manipulation of the obejct is going to be awesome.

  • Andrew

endefector? What is that?

Thing that manipulates the game object :stuck_out_tongue:

A de-scoring mechanism? Can we de-score whenever in the match, or do we only have a certain amount of time to de-score.

if everyone does de-scorers and wall bots its going to suck

I don’t know whether I should go with a good design or “Pull an 1107B” and find a loophole…

Super stacker that builds a barricade out of sacks.
A pooper scooper. A way to pick up the sacks.

Looking at that picture. What type of intake mechanism would be able to pick that whole stack up? The stack of 5.

I don’t know but once I get the field. Im prototyping like crazy. I’m not sure if i want a claw yet there are a few ideas floating around in my head that would be ultra efficient but Idk how these things react to anyhting at all.

  • Andrew

Want to pm each other ideas so it is not public? I have a few good ideas (I think) that would work.

Think a sheet of lexan would do the trick?

With the right supports on the edges, probably. It depends on how many game objects you intend on holding. At 1/2 a pound a piece, the weight on holding these things is going to add up real quick.

I thought of the wall-bot for this year, but I read through the PDF of the game, and they added a rule called trapping. I’m not sure if it’s been in there and I haven’t noticed it, but it kind of stops the cheap wall-bot from being built and forces people to build robots to actually compete in the game.