VEX Sack Attack Design Thread

If you power the lift vertically instead of horizontally the vertical force will remain constant.

Also, who says conveyor belts don’t work? I say they’ll work very well :wink:

conveyers please!!! :smiley:

auto programming that picks up a sack stacks 5 in a tower then grabs and scores the whole thing + same for driver skills

At our design meeting today we had quite a few ideas involving conveyors. I think they could be way more useful than many people are thinking but… that’s my opinion of course…

Our team just figured out a awesome way to pick up the sacks! It uses the awesomeness of conveyors. :smiley: And yes, I am going to tell you, later. :smiley:

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Here’s an example of a post that is a waste of time:

“We have this great idea that we aren’t going to tell you!”

Here’s an example of a post that is interesting and helpful:

"We have this great idea! Here it is: "

If you aren’t going to share something, why waste time writing about it, and then cause us all to waste our time reading it? A lot of the teams that you all admire either share a lot (like 1107) or keep their secrets to themselves (like 44). They don’t post “but we aren’t telling!”

Just a thought…

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make that +2
again, we arnt specifically targeting you, just that we have been seeing a lot of similar posts within the last week…

Alliance’s Robot Integration (A Super Arm Robot + a Super Base Robot) :wink:
Alliance's Robot Integration - base .jpg

Would a 15" starting two stage chain lift be able to reach a thirty inch goal with room to spare, because mathematically it should be able to but it seemed to me that a three stage could barely make it.

I would say no, because the sliders can’t extend all the way because they become too fragile. A 3 stage could reach 30 inches, they were used in gateway and they were able to go above the high goal

See, I disagree that posting “We have a design that can do X, Y and Z but we aren’t saying how.” is unhelpful. To me, it says “Yes, this is possible. Be creative, and figure it out.”.

Obviously, you can disagree with me. But that’s my 2¢.

I am very much going to disagree. I’m not saying “Give me an idea for a lift”. I just saying, I occasionally want advice on stuff before I start building. We all need a second opinion sometimes

If it’s me that you are disagreeing with, you are misrepresenting what I wrote, which is that posts claiming to have the best solution to a problem without presenting that solution are space-wasting and have zero content. If you want to keep secrets, just don’t post. If you need help, go ahead and ask, but that’s another thing altogether.

Ok. I’m going to end this. Lets get back on topic. for a blocking robot, Im thinking two small robots connected by a tether to block the whole court off

No can do. :wink:
On a completely unrelated topic: The manual is very helpful isnt it?

But if it is just a tether, then it might not be strong enough to block robots from pushing through… unless it is something like 44’s design for Gateway… but that will mean you will need to spam a lot of c-channels and linear slides (i.e. too heavy?)…

We had a similar design to Green eggs at worlds, it had 15 linear slides on it and it was only 6 feet wide. to have one 12 feet wide with the same mechanism would be insane. And not in a good way.

There are a few other options, but you better be ready to devote your entire robot to it if you want to get full field wide.

I am not sure if it is even worth the effort in blocking the entire field (assuming it is possible).
The wallbot will need to go underneath the trough and then extend itself. For a robot that carries enough c-channels and linear slides to block off the entire field, i really don’t think it can move that fast.

That will mean that most likely, the opponents will be able to get all the sacks lying underneath the troughs and even score into the troughs before they are being cornered off…

so… not much point having a wallbot is it?

Or… wait… what if someone manage to shoot something (eg. a net) across the troughs (during autonomous)… :eek:

If it’s shooting a net, you’re violating the “entanglement” rule. If it’s shooting a wall, that’s another story.