VEX Sack Attack Goal Kit + High Goal

So I’ve been reviewing the current VRC products page and I can’t help but notice that there is not a single kit that contains the high goal other than the Sack Attack Field and Game Objects Kit, which sells for $499. For teams that do not wish to purchase the entire game kit, the goal kit and the object kit are the most attractive purchases. However, there is a serious dilemma caused by our inability of getting our hands on a high goal.

I believe it would be a great help if VEX included the high goal in the Sack Attack Goal Kit, or at least sell the high goal separately. Such that teams can have practically the entire range of the game field and objects through the purchase of only two or three minor kits.

i agree with you.

I agree as well.

But…not to say that I’m right on this but just giving a different point of view as to why they might not have done so yet (If they will at all).

They might feel that if one is to want to score on the 30" High goal, people don’t really need the high goal to perform that, they might think that if we score on the high goal we might just build an arm and a claw like 2W had for a capper, except with a claw at the end.

They just don’t realize that bots are going to have more complexity than just a chassis and an arm. So I definitely agree with you. They should make a separate kit.

In order to practice hanging in Round-Up before we got the ladder, we built one out of wood in my garage.

The high goals don’t look too complicated, so you could probably make one.

However being able to buy one would be even better.

you probably have to have two troughs to attach the high goal to. and since the smaller kit only comes with one trough, they dont include the high goal.

Provided you can find a stable way of mounting the 30" PVC pipe, it shouldn’t be too difficult to complete.

Actually, each Sack Attack Goal Kit contains one trough piece and two trough stanchions. The end of the stanchion is where the high goal is placed. There are actually two spaces provided for the mounting of the high goal.