Vex Sack Attack HD for iPad - Free

Hello Vex Community!

Paideia Robotics team #3142 has updated the free Sack Attack scoring app for the iPad!

We released the source code for our app here, but you can download the app by clicking here.

We hope you iPad users consider downloading our app! It makes scoring rounds much easier.


This looks like a really great app! :slight_smile:

Will you be making a version for Android?


looks great, I love the drag and drop idea. Can you manually enter the amount of sacks in each goal? Pressing + is fine for 3 sacks in the troughs, but it might get a bit tiring with 20 or more sacks in each :p.

That’s actually a really good idea - I hadn’t even thought of it! I’ll try and put that in the next update. Thanks