VEX Sack Attack

Game info and Manuals:

Game Animation:

So what do you all think of the new game?
Looks challenging
I think its going to be a lot like clean sweep

Looks pretty cool.

Have any designs yet?

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Can you go under the troughs/field wall?

I just scanned over the game manual, and I didn’t see anything that says you can’t.

Called it before Gateway was announced: :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on guys, lets read the manual first: “The field is divided by the goals, with openings below to allow for robot passage.” It’s literally on the second page.

Yes… I was right. Most people don’t have the time to read the manual at Worlds.

Based on SG7 below, I’d guess it is permissible to drive on both sides of the field

<SG7> Robots are not permitted to break the plane of their opponents Alliance Starting Tile during the Autonomous Period. Violations of this rule will result in the offending Alliance automatically losing the Autonomous Bonus and the offending Robot being disabled.

Looks like the zip-tie to technically start on the tile won’t work this year, as you can’t touch any other foam tiles. I like this rule.

im thinkin a scoring wall bot that expands as soon as it crosses under the trough and only allows them to score in the floor goals. that or some kind of capping system. how are we going to pick these sacks up??

How powerful was descoring in bridge battle? I searched the manual competely, and it seems like descoring is legal.

Descoring is most definitely legal in this years game. It was actually emphasized in the live stream.

My thought was that if a robot could cross under the trough in autonomous and then expand immediately it could be devastating. I was playing around with the new app a little and it seems like the scores are going to be EXTREMELY high this year.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of panzer style tanks this year, and the all-terrain wheels might actually become useful.

I read the manual :frowning:
lots of words, missed that part.
I did get the no denial of it though.

Thanks for clarification.

Can I ask, why is there repositioning in College? If you have watched the good College teams this year, it is all repositioning skills in isolation, there is no skill in writing a good autonomous that can adapt, deal with cumulative error etc.

That being said, the changes in college to use the same field as High School is fantastic.

I’m sorry, but I feel the need to point out the elephant in the room. This may belie a certain level of emotional immaturity, but here goes…

You named it Sack Attack?

That went through my head as well when I looked at the title.

For me it sounded a little bit odd compared to the other years that vex had.

We were playing around with the app and figured out the Max score: if you can somehow manage to balance 98 sacks and all 4 bonus sacks in the 30" goal, get the autonomous bonus, and park, you get 1060 points. Good luck!