Vex Safety Rule Question

Last week we had our first NBN tournament. It was a great tournament, everything went smoothly and the volunteers did a great job! While in competition we were given warnings on some rules unintentionally being violated. ( We were given leeway for our first official tournament.). The one rule that kept coming up was when we would load balls into our intake from our loading spot. ( The intake is below). The intake was continuously ran with no stop. The rule being violated was <s1>“If at any time the Robot operation or team actions are deemed unsafe or have damaged the Field Elements or Scoring Objects, by the determination of the referees, the offending team may be Disabled and/or Disqualified. The Robot will require re-inspection before it may again take the field.”. we found this weird because the flaps on our intake are rubber and hardly dangerous and non of our robot damaged the field. We were directed to turn off our intake, place a ball by the intake, take our hand away from the intake, then turn the intake on and repeat. Is the rule not allowing us to put our balls in our intake without having to turn it off? Or is this unsafe and not allowed during competition?
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Thanks for the replies!
-Eli McCoy

Karthik actually recently ruled on a similar question

Here it is Answered: Rule S1 and driver control loads

Nice looking robot especially for your first competition :slight_smile: