VEX Scouting sheets & techniques

I am the captain of the Vex 6260 Mercury team and this is my first year being captain. I’m essentially trying to further the team’s abilities this year. I noticed that last year we did very little to no scouting. Do you guys happen to have specific ways on doing scouting. Are there scouting sheets available that I can print and use during competitions. Also, what are some techniques/tricks to follow during scouting?

Most years WP, SP, OPR and DRP are used.

This year I think the scores will be closer or swing wildly based upon the robots on the field and their strengths. So more subjective scouting may be in order for this game.

As my teams design their robots and analyze the game strategy, they put thought into what a good complementary robot would be. For example, if one of our robots can not climb the pole, they would look for a robot that can. It is not always strictly on the record of the other teams, but more on what the robots is capable of. My teams will often make up a spreadsheet that ranks the criteria that they think will best compliment their robot and use that spreadsheet as a guide. They do not use a standard scouting sheet as they can customize a spreadsheet to fit their particular robot’s needs.

Many times, alliance selections are made just by taking the next highest ranked robot. This is NOT always the best strategy. A particular team’s ranking could be the result of a really lucky (or unlucky) set of Qualification pairings. When we run events, we strive to have a minimum of 6 qualification matches in order to get a better view of true ranking.
Some times, teams will select robots from teams that they know or their sister teams or teams with good past reputations. Not always the best strategy either.

Scout, Scout, Scout!!!

If you are trying to convince a team to pick yours, make a case for how your robot can benefit the alliance. Does your robot compliment theirs? Look for robots that may be picking and find the ones that your robot will complement. Make your case with them.

Scout, Scout, Scout!!!