Vex sdk

Since PROS is built on VEX SDK- is there a public place to download the same and read its’ documentation?

No, it’s proprietary and not for public distribution.

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so how do PROS get access to it? Is it an agreement between the Purdue CA Deptt and Vex?

I would assume Purdue’s PROS developers signed a non-disclosure agreement before given access to the SDK.

I was told at one point that the SDK would be released publicly “eventually,” but I would assume the October update has priority over that, so I wouldn’t wait for it.

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That is really ironic using “priority” in the same sentence as “October update” - I guess they did not specify the year - 2019, 2020, 2021…


Companies offer a click through NDA for such cases. You can hardly ensure confidentiality if several students in a deptt have access to it and it is a revolving door. It would be nice to access the SDK API documentation, not necessarily the source. Why would Vex not want to make public.?

Well, for one, V5 is well-known for having many issues. Some of these issues are almost certainly linked to software bugs just as well as hardware flaws.

It’s not unreasonable for VEX to want to wait for the software to be more mature and polished before presenting it to the public.

Edit: Forgot to include the obligatory *cough* VCS *cough*.

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bugs is one good reason to publish the SDK interface - easier to track down unexpected behaviour; it also helps understand the system better for a good design