Vex servo motor viability

I think I might have a viable use for the servo motor. Is the Vex servo motor useable in RobotC? I don’t see a selection in the motor configuration window for the servo. Do I just use 393? I’d experiment myself tonight but the hardware is at another location and I can’t play :frowning:

Assuming the servos run off of PWM inputs (idk what else they could potentially run off of) then you should be fine as there is no dedicated special set up for any 1 motor type in robotC.

I’m assuming they just plug into the motor ports?

NVM on the configuration. I was looking at port 1. Of course port 1 can’t take a 3 wire…

Sometimes my brain doesn’t compile correctly…

This isn’t competition legel, but besides that we tried running 393s on the V5 brain at one point, and the brain won’t give the same power that the cortex would give them, and they would stall even under small load.