Vex "shipments" that never really happen

I’m posting this in case this applies to anyone who is waiting on parts from Vex.

Over the holidays, at the end of December, we received a shipment notice from Vex that said our long-awaited parts were on the way. The shipment notice even included a tracking number. So we waited and waited but the package never showed up. I was under the impression FedEx had lost it. But, thankfully, one of our people called Vex and that’s when we found out the parts had not actually been shipped. We were told they would be shipped next week, instead.

Maybe it was just some glitch in their ordering/shipment fulfillment system, but in any case, if you’re expecting something to show up soon, you might want to double check on the actual status.

we just got part of v5 and the robot they gave us is the old one.

Yeah they can’t commit to their same day shipping standards that they post on their site

Well, same-day disappointment wasn’t the issue. The stuff they said was shipped out in late December had been ordered in July (I think - it’s been so long, I can’t remember anymore).

What do you mean they gave you an old robot? Are you saying they sent you one of the old Clawbot kits? If you have a V5 brain and V5 motors, you should be able to adapt a Clawbot kit to work - at least I think so.

We received “your order has been shipped” email on December 26, 2018 and we just got our order arrived on Wednesday Jan 9th 2019. I believe VEX Shipping Department is backed over the holidays. Give them some time to catch up. :slight_smile:

Our organization had a similar thing happen where we called and they said they had just gotten our order done and it would ship that day and we would get it in a couple days, we’ll that was on Friday and come Tuesday we had gotten a tracking number that wasn’t active and when we called again on Tuesday it turns out that our order was done but had never actually shipped so if you have an inactive tracking number I would call them and make sure they’ve actually shipped it.

That happened to me with my V5 batteries.

It’s a disconcerting trend to see VEX Shipping and response times steadily drop off for orders now, for more than just V5.

And given FRC season just kicked off, that’s not going to help things either.

Is the same true with VexPro? Maybe they’re dedicating more resources there instead of EDR shipping to keep up with FRC demand.

Or maybe they’re just stretched thin, slowing things down.