Vex shold recall pneumatics kit!

There is no way to attach something to the end of a cylinder actuating rod and have it stay put. Who ever heard of a threaded rod any ways? That is completely insecure. The only to keep it from slipping would be to glue or soler it on which makes the idea of Vex useless.

ummmm, i dont know what you are talking about. have you even looked at the page from which they are sold? on this page there are 6 different pictures of how to mount them. what do you mean by “Who ever heard of a threaded rod any ways?”, a threaded rod is nothing more then a screw, and i think you know how to use those, considering you have a vex kit.

I’ve been looking at that page for several hours. It’s not attaching the end device to something, it’s attaching that u-shaped clamp onto the cylinder rod itself. It refuses to stay no matter how tight I can get the bolts. But my comment about the threded rod is that why is one coming out of the cylinder? It makes no sense to have such a fragile connection system on something that delivers so much force.

well, instead of a threaded rod, what else? i think that would be easier to attach the included U-connecter or a threaded beam. i dont think that whatever is on the end would need to be all that tight, i mean, its not going to rotating at all, right?

What about vibrating? the repetitive motion no matter how slow? Just shoving the rod back and forth causes the nuts to rotate slightly each time eventually causing them to unscrew.

Use loctite if you have too. Those cylinders look exactly like the ones we use in the FRC and we have never had a problem attaching or securing them.

I dont have a pneumatics kit but I think the differnce between FRC and FVC when it comes to something like this is in FRC you can make custom brackets and in FVC you can only bend and cut what you already have.

you could use nylock nuts to hold it on from your local hardware store

or from the VEX kit, they have them in there too.

I think I’ll try my local hardware store. I thought about standard vex components, but except for the brackets, nothing is standard on the pneumatics.
BTW-I apologize for my rather harsh—opening, I was more than a little ticked with the system.

well, we all get mad at things that dont work the way we might think they should, or at least, i know i do.:stuck_out_tongue:

i hear ya’, me too

Man… Vex materials are there for you to invent stuff with. Use your imagination. If you wanted straight forward connections, you should have gotten a Lego Mindstorms Kit, there’s only 1 normal way of connection. I don’t have the pneumatics kit, but will probably get one eventually. When that day comes, it shall be fun.

Instead of criticizing items that IFI makes, maybe you should have asked the people on here for help first. That’s what they did in the end, no?

Sorry if I was being harsh, wasn’t really my intention at all.

here is another trick about all thread. i use this stuff at work and we deal with studs as well some are as big in diameter of 5 inchs. vex is a little over 1/8 of an inch. take your piston head screw 2 keps nuts or two standard 8/32 nuts down on them place your shaft in the approprate location and put 2 more keps or standard nuts on the top. now adjust it to where you need to but tightening the 2 closest to center nuts. now take the 2 outside nuts and tighten them down on top of the other 2 . that makes a bond thats just as effective as your loc tite.

we use this procedure when we have a cap nut on a stud that we can’t get off by heating or beating. we take 2 standard nuts and clock them together this way so we can hold the stud and force the cap nut off. we can’t hold the studs due to the face they are machined to precision tolerances and we can’t bugger them up. this works great.

you can also use steel sheeting to make a lock flange that keeps the nuts from backing back off. in some situations on the valves of the turbines i work on a lock washer can not be used. so we place a piece of sheet metal under the nut and it’s round witht wo “legs” we bend one over the nut and the other around the flange and it never moves and they last for years. till we tear them down again.

good luck and don’t worry there is always a way around something.

Thanks, I’ll probably go to Ace some time soon and see if they have anything. BTW-there looks like there is some C shaped thing included in the pneumatics kit about the right size, I haven’t tried them yet, but would they work?
@Jeremiah: I deserve any harshness you can dish out for my first post and title.

Since pneumatics aren’t legal in FVC anyway, I’d go ahead and fabricate whatever you want.

Here’s a picture showing how to connect that C shaped sheetmetal thingy to the rod on the pneumatic cylinder. There is a nut being held by the end wrench, and another nut being held by the nutdriver, you can’t see them until they are removed in the second picture. Tighten the nut with the wrench…this should work to hold the end on just fine.