Vex should have a better kit......

Vex should have a better kit either with more stuff, or Vex should make it so you get the starter kit but you can add on accessories for less money than if you bought them seperately(sp?)

Vex is coming out with an upgraded vex kit later this year.

Oooohhhhh Bbbbooooyyyy!!!
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Has anyone seen those build-your-own websites?

You know, where you put in your customization requests, and then you order it?

VEX should have one of those too…

They do if you only have the 299.99 starter kit. Try the Classroom lab kit for 549.99 it contains a lot of extra stuff like the swerve drive kit and more.

I think that VEX should have a new version of the starter kit. The thing is that the current starter kit may be too expensive for some people. They should make a starter kit with a signal splitter and no sensors for those people that cannot afford the normal kit.

sort of like Vexplorer (Vex Blue) ? :wink:

Yeah, I do know about VEX Blue, but I was thinking more about the same starter kit with just a signal splitter, so that it could be over $100 (US) cheaper and still have the same metal, not the pre-assembled parts in VEXplorer. More building=more fun.

lol good point but the vexplorer can be taken apart anyways

I know, VEXplorer is great for parts…camera…claw…reciever…motors…wheels…metal.

over $100 could be any number lol, so not necessarily cheaper

back on topic, though this sounds nice as maybe an expansion to the vex kit or a starter kit, I think vex should first work on making more sensors and electronic parts.

What I mean by “over $100” is that since the microcontroller (red) costs $150 verses the signal splitter costing $20 you are saving $130 dollars i.e. over $100

Well, with the new VEXmini line coming out, and new Wifi & Pro controllers in the works, who knows what they will end up with.

Based on the FAQ, they seem to have at least the following kits:

For VEX RCR (non-programmable, DC (2-wire) motors, single channel RF):
VEXmini - around $100
VEXplorer - $200

For VEX EDR (programmable, uses 3-wire motors, WiFi):
VEX - $300
VEX Pro - $?

I’m not sure if the VEX Pro controller will be part of a larger kit, or just an add-on to the normal VEX kits. Also, who knows what other kits they may plan.

Maybe they’ll go hollywood like Lego and offer "Batman"™ kits and "Star Wars"™ kits. I’d buy a VEX model of an AT-AT (oh wait, I’ve already got the bits to build one ;)). And of course, we’ve all seen duckttape447’s excellent Wall-e project!


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