Vex should sell a seperate motor controller.

Vex should sell a motor controller so you can control other motors/servos.
Or would it be possible to make your own… cheaply.:smiley:

It would be a lot cheaper to make your own motor controller. A really cheap motor controller (on/off, no reverse) would also be very simple to design. All you would need would be a relay, battery for the motor, and some cables.

:smiley: The easiest way to make a multi-motor controller separate from vex if to get a phone line splitter so you can hook the receiver to the vex module and the motor controller in a way that the motor controller is parallel with vex so when you operate one motor on vex it does same on controller

note::frowning: the only flaw is if the bot is in automonous mode which will make the motor controller work separately from bot so best that the controller for servos