Vex Signal Splitter

**Hey Guys,
I’m happy to announce the Vex Signal Splitter is now available for purchase.

If your robot does not need any programmability or sensors, the Signal Splitter is what you need. You can replace the Vex MicroController “Brain” with a “Dumb Brain”.**

awesome!!! can it work the Vexplorer controller?

sweeeet. this takes away that cumbersome mircrocontroller i can never figure where to put on my robot.

good job vexlabs!!!

cool thats awsome now somebody will be able to make a really small bot

you could make tiny bots with this!!! also im guessing its not FTC legal because that takes out automous mode, oh and you couldnt download the FTC template so…no go
still cool product!!

another great one by VexLabs!! Goob Job!

I love this. Testing will be so much easier now, just plug in the motor and a battery. Thank You!

So about those new encoders? Any times soon?

I bet a team would be able to have this in addition to the brain…

If not for the risk of entanglement, they might be able to attach a mini tank using this to their main robot using string, but that would pose a high risk of entanglement

possibly but there’s the limit of 10 motors, and only one power supply so VexLabs would need a y-cable or the battery as no hacking is allowed (i.e.custom components)

This is sweet, i am going to have to buy one now!

It seems like a really good product, i can never find a place to put that giant micro controller!

Well i am going to place an order for some stuff soon after i find out everything that i am getting.

I really like this product - it is perfect for demo-bots I use for class but don’t want to tie up an expensive controller on. Also handy to have in the toolbox for quickly testing servos & motors.

A suggestion for future consideration:
Integrate the radio module/crystal holder right into the splitter case. That would allow for much smaller robots since that would eliminate the receiver and associated cable. The only downside would be that you can’t mount the antenna far from the motors, but clearly this module is aimed at small & simple robots.

Also, next time you rev the case for the receiver module, consider having the antenna wire come out through a hole large enough for the antenna tube. That way, you could just mount the receiver module with the wire pointed up, and slide the antenna tube right over the wire and into the receiver module. You could still use the grey tube mount instead, if the robot layout needed it, so this wouldn’t negatively effect current configurations. This suggestion goes for any future product with a wire-antenna.

Thanks for the recent stream of new products - keep up the great work!

  • Dean

Sadly our teams one died. It stopped working and smells really bad (that lovely fried electronics smell). :slight_smile:

I rather not bother my self on RMAing it since I have no clue were the packaging when to.

How many motors/servos was it driving when it died?

  • Dean

Mine also died a smoking, smelly death after only a few minutes of operation. When I first tried it, it acted jittery, as described by Quazar in another post. I opened it to take some pictures and explore its innards and found bad solder connections. The output from the voltage regulator was about 3.2 volts.

I fixed the bad solder joints and put it all back together. It worked (sort of; i.e. still jittery) for a few minutes and then started smoking. The area around the voltage regulator had turned to charcoal and it had melted through the plastic case.

Since I had been poking around inside it, I figured that I had caused the failure somehow, but the bad solder connections, the low regulator output, and the reports of other people with jittery operation and burned circuits makes me think that it wasn’t my fault.

I bought another splitter and it has worked fine so far.

1 motor was been driven with some load.