VEX Skyrise - 2014-15 VRC Game

I know this might be a bit early but keep a tab on this page when Friday rolls around for tips and tricks and reactions to the unveiling

I hope its a game with neutral objects and colored scoring areas like sack attack and clean sweep.

Only about 1 and a half more hours :slight_smile:



Is the new game going to be on any webcast pages or is there one just for the new game?

yeah, it’s being webcast here.

What are your thoughts on skyrise?

What do you think will be some of the more prevalent designs?

What is your favorite part of the game?

Anyone have a link to a video, the stream wouldn’t load. thanks

The REC Foundation and VEX Robotics are proud to introduce VEX Skyrise, the 2014-2015 VEX Robotics Competition.

Game Video:

Game Details & Documents:

*] New design challenge of hollow objects
*] Stacking objects needs finesse not power
*] Seems like the new parts will be useful for tall heavy arm mechanisms.
*] Seems okay to reset
*] Not sure how teams will decide to prioritize the different challenges in this game. Hard to tell whether it’s better to build goals and get your alliance to score them or do both yourself.
*] Top objects means good coaching is important
*] Not many incentives to cross the field IMO

Extra: Gateway descoring rules




You know what to do!

Finally! A game where 6-bars with side/top rollers will be rendered practically useless (I hope…)

Post your thoughts below

HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING THAT HIGH LOL!!! What challenge. Several ways to score, and there’s the return of Gateway style negation in play. I can only start to imagine how intense these matches are gonna be, and I’ll stay up all night CADin. OMG THIS IS CRAZY I CANT EVEN

Skyrise…finally things are getting interesting

Varying height scoring posts up to “7” feet. No more six bars!! Might take a 18 bar to get to that height. :smiley:

Say goodbye to 6 bars

Definitely no 6 bars next year :frowning:

That’s the first thing that I thought when I saw the reveal! INTENSE

That would take one huge 6 bar

I think the game is a bit too complicated. The cubes, which look quite rigid, may be hard to intake/score. The placement of the yellow goals also confuses me. Do the robots themselves add the goals onto the top, or does the drive team do it?