VEX Skyrise Competition Template

If anyone could link me to the official Skyrise competition template, that would be great. Unfortunately, we could not find the competition template under New File, so we are asking here. Thank you.

For ROBOTC? or EasyC?

We use ROBOTC.

Here, the competition template does not change from year to year.


That’s the thing, when we go to New, all that is there is New File, not the Competition or Driver Skills template.

Which version??

Make sure you have “Vex 2.0 cortex” selected under robot->platform. VEX IQ is often selected as the default.

It appears as though RobotC is configured for VEX IQ. To change to VEX Cortex, go to Robot > Platform Type > VEX 2.0 Cortex. This should fix the problem.

Thank you so much, I had to change to VEX Cortex 2.0.