Vex skyrise essential parts


I am new to VEX EDR and I live abroad. I want to make sure that I have the essentials to enter a local skyrise competition. Getting all the parts in one shipment will save me time and a fortune. My maximum budget is around $1500. The parts I thought of (I am a VEXU participant and this is only for Robot A):

** P/N: Product Name QTY**

276-2800: Classroom & Competition Mechatronics Kit *1

275-1179: Advanced Sensor Kit *1

276-2289: Aluminum C-Channel 1x2x1x35 (6-pack) *3

276-2298: Aluminum C-Channel 1x5x1x35 (6-pack) *1

276-2304: Aluminum Angle 2x2x35 (6-pack) *1

276-1668: 2-Wire Motor 393 w/ Motor Controller 29 *5

276-1209: Bearing Flat, Acetal (10-pack) *2

276-2010: Shaft Collar (16-pack) *2

276-1424: 3-Wire Extension Cables (Large Bundle) *1

276-3787: VRC 2014-2015 Cube & Collar Kit *1

276-3993: VRC 2014-2015 Skyrise Section & Base Kit *1

276-1149: Drive Shaft 12" (4-pack) *1

Will these cover me for at least 90% ?

I’d definitely suggest getting some extra motors. It’s always good to keep some spares, in the case of it breaking.

You are right!
What about the others are they enough ? Any other suggested parts?

This looks great for one robot, but don’t Vex U teams need two robots?

Or am I missing something?

Thanks for mentioning it. This is only for Robot A (The largest one).

Yes, I would think you need to build two robots if you are competing in VEXU. You can compete with just one robot in VEXU but you’ll be playing 2v1 which would be extremely difficult.

Have you worked with VEX before? Are you familiar with using Solidworks/Inventor/etc.? If cost is a huge issue for you (especially shipping) I would suggest designing your entire robot ahead of time, so you know exactly what you need to buy. If you just buy an assortment of parts before you design, while you’ll probably have most of the parts you need, there will be something that you need and don’t have that you’ll have to order later. It sounds like this is something you’re trying to avoid.

Plus in general whether you’re overseas or not I suggest all teams do this, or at least aim for it. You’ll learn a lot more through the whole process and you’ll save your team money.


Yes, I am familiar with the proposed solutions and I totally agree with you. The design process should be ahead of any requisition/implementation. However I am managing multiple teams and I want somehow to provide them with a generic formula covering at least %90 of their requirements in advance. I know it is hard to predict what each team could think of but I am quite sure that there is some basics hardware requirements to enter a VEXU and I am trying to compile this formula. Some additional parts might be procured at a later stage but my kids would have managed with “essentials” and saved time!

Ok, looks like you have most of what you’ll need.

EDIT: Yes, I agree with everyone else. Design ahead of time.

I’m with Nick, at least design conceptually what you intend to build and then order parts as necessary. You may still choose to buy in kit form (it is cost effective) but you don’t end up with parts you don’t need and missing in other areas. For example, the mechatronics kit has one linear slide (most lifts for this year will need two or more) two omni wheels (perhaps you need four) one gear kit and one chain kit, usually not enough if you end up using gears or chain. My designs always use lots of 5x25 aluminum plate which comes back to design again. Another example, it would be impossible to build this drive system without aluminum plate.

I also think you will need a lot more basic hardware. I seem to spend a lot on screws, standoffs and spacers. To compete you will probably need at least one more battery, and what about programming? Add programming software and a programming kit.

You are right regarding the basic hardware I will add the following:

276-2018: Plastic Spacer, 4.6mm (20-pack) *1

276-2019: Plastic Spacer, 8mm (20-pack) *1

275-1024: Washer, Steel (200-pack) *1

275-1025: Washer, Teflon (25-pack) *1

276-2013: Standoff Pack *1

275-1026: Nut 8-32 Keps (100-pack) *1

275-1027: Nut 8-32 Nylock (100-pack) *1

For screws they can always get it from the local market (Non-VEX hardware). Regarding the programming software they could get it online and for the programming kit I do not think it is mandatory as you can always manage without it. Any other design specific requests will be ordered at a later stage.

I would probably buy more bearing flats because with what you have you only have enough for ten motors and no other axles.

I have a total of 64 Flat bearing (44 in the Mech kit +20) I think its enough.

I would strongly advise against this. Digital prototyping is great, but you need a really strong intuition for the mechanics of the parts you are working with. Robots - especially large, complicated ones - that are designed purely in CAD often fail spectacularly when you assemble and try to use them.

I would recommend that you place a deliberately small order, start building, *then *start digital design to work out what parts you need to buy to finish your robot. if you try to design anything without seeing the parts you’re using then things are likely to go badly.