VEX Skyrise Field-Inventor File

I am by no means an expert in Autodesk, but I felt like the field’s STEP file could use a little more color to it. It’s not much, but for teams who want to get an early start on CAD design and animation, I offer this inventor file.

Let me know if anything goes wrong with the file. All of the components should be included with the assembly.

Get the file here

I tried to download the files but the download doesnt starts

that’s strange… I tried downloading and it works fine on my end. It could be a server error or your internet settings could be blocking downloads.

Thanks for answering, Don´t worry I tried today an everything went well.

Team 4423c(Colombia)

No problem! Hope it serves a good purpose for your team!

I can’t get the above link to work.

Does anyone else have the field CAD file that has been improved upon from the original .step file?

Agreed. Do you think that you could post a different link?