VEX Skyrise field pictures

Last weekend my robotics club received the new Skyrise field. Over the weekend we set it up and I got some pictures of it. Here’s four of the good ones and I will post more later. If you guys would like any specific pictures, videos or have any questions, just ask. I will try my best to post them in a timely manner.

Thank you very much for posting.

I have one question:
I know a lot of us are thinking about side roller intake. As people have brought up, the clearance of the pole when scoring cubes is kind of small, and there is a chance that cubes jam at the top when scoring. Since you have the physical access to the field, I wonder how easy the cubes will jam, and how easy you can get them out of the jam. Well, with robots.

Thank you!

Our Team has access to the new field and we have also been testing several sideroller designs and yes the can jam at the top. If the cubes arent alined exactly correct then they will jam on the skyrise. Siderolleres seem to work great for the cubes though. And also getting out of the jam is somewhat easy but requires lots of precision.

What SamBarbee said is true. I would say it will be easy the get them stuck, but if you nudge them them seem to get unstuck pretty easily. I am hoping to get over to the field soon and I can test a bit more.