Vex Skyrise Lambert Final #3 Video

Here is a video from the final match today at the Lambert Skyrise Invitational. We (team 5854B) were chosen by team 5278c along with our third alliance member from parkview high school 1356c. We competed against 3921B, 5278b, and 3921a who played great. Together our alliance went on to win the tournament.

You guys were awesome.

Thanks for posting…good match!

Very cool, anyone manage to get a high resolution picture of the 5854B bot (or the other one for that matter)?

I’m interested in the 5854B drive, it’s an X / Tank hybrid.

Also impressed with their battery placement, they pretty much built that drive near perfectly.

Thanks! I’ll probably post a reveal video here in the next week or two, because we’re most likely making some major changes to how we lift.

Thanks! I hope we get to alliance with you guys again sometime

… can we post final #2 instead… I’m captain of finalist alliance… our skyrise stacker elevator broke unprecedentedly in final 3…

Great win teams 5854B, 5278C and 1356C! Awesome job!

You can bet we will be checking the autoloaders for screws in EVERY SINGLE MATCH WE ARE IN from this day forward.

Yeah, that messed us up earlier in the tournament too. Can you post the link to ruling? I wasn’t able to find to find it, and I kinda don’t think that’ll be the last time that happens.

Yes its in the “field assembly manual” on page 25. It clearly states: DO NOT use a #8-32 Screw to tighen clamping collars; they are used to loosely hold Skyrise Sections.

It’s written in ALL CAPS and BOLD in the manual. We plan on writing a new thread about this exact thing to warn other teams. I will find that earlier thread about this exact thing.

Congratulations on the tournament win though, would love a redo of the match where we found the screw in our autoloader only. ;):wink:

They were very close matches with you and your alliance. We won the next match, then tied you in the tie breaker but the 10pts for autonomous(1 cube difference in autonomous) was the difference 61-51. I believe we played you to the wire closer than anyone else in the elimination rounds.

Congratulations on a GREAT win! You rocked!

Took me awhile but I found it. The OP was calling it a Skyrise loader ring is why we couldn’t find it. (I knew we had read this early in the season)

Great two designs there guys! Worked really well together. Glad to see GA is up and running well this year. Good luck guys keep posting those videos I love watching them even when I cant be there.
PS how did the 1961A and B team look?

I believe that they played up to their full potential. Their robots still have space to improve, but the team members are experienced and they handled the competition well.

Plus: is 1961C retired? Really? Come on that is one team number with a world title! I understand why, but still I feel it is such a pity that we don’t get to compete together this year.