VEX Skyrise - middle and high school divisions question

I am not sure if this is the right section but a few advisers in our area have asked the same question and never can seem to get a consistent answer.

I am the adviser for 2 middle and 2 high school teams. In our state we have been usually given 4 to 5 slots for World’s. This year we have had exponential growth with in the state and may receive more slots, but at the state level the main person in charge of VEX in the state never holds a middle school or high school divisions. So you have middle school teams going into state championships against high school teams with much more experience. The question has come up again… Why don’t we have middle school teams selected as well as HS teams when that is the way it is at World’s? I hope I made this clear.
Thoughts? Clarifications?

Your state/regional championship event partner, working with your regional support manager, determines the structure for your state/regional championship. You should contact them with your questions. The event partner’s contact information may be found on the event page on Your regional support manager may be found on the REC Foundation website at: