VEX Slapshot

If you can touch all of the areas when you reach over, would all of them get an extra point?

Please review rule sc4 in the game manual. Feel free to post again after you’ve read the game manual if more clarification is needed.

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(Just for a quick freebie answer) No, you can only make contact with one zone. According to the note in the manual, if a robot contacts more than 1 zone it is “not eligible for any contact bonuses” and will not get any bonus, so it is really important that you get consistent shots and choose the zone you contact wisely to maximize points.

Got it. Thanks for this.

Since @zero_two is handing out free tips. From a team watching the VRC endgame. They got all of the VEXIQ legal string, connected them together, and put a medium gear on the end. Launch and success to the 4 point zone!!! Until it was pointed out that it was also touching the 3 point and 2 point zones.

… the way to go. Good luck on your season.