VEX Soccer League

I was browsing youtube today and I found some cool videos of VEX robots. Among these videos was one of a VEX “soccer” competition between two robots. I have been wanting to have a VEX Soccer League for a very long time, and I was wondering if any of you might want to contribute to this effort. I think that a VEX Soccer League would be a great way to start some competition among VEX users, and to advance the field of robotics. I think that a VEX Soccer League should be more casual than the FTC, so it would allow a much more broad range of designs. Once again this is only an idea in my head, and I would appreciate some of your help because together we can make this happen.

If you would want to check out the youtube video go here:

If this link does not work please tell me. THANKS!

that would be good, FIRST takes a lot of organization (for 2 people to organize, actually 1 team member, me, is organizing the other just helps build)

a soccer league you can keep your robot continously making improvements and stuff like that without the game chaning majourly every year…although i still love FIRST!

I am not “dissing” FIRST in any way at all. I do think however that a cometition like this one would be good due to it being more fexible.

So, does anyone have some ideas?

well you could have 2 divisions a mini one where the field is only like 3 by 3 feet and then a bigger one where the field is 6 x 3 feet. 1 robot vs. 1 robot because having more than 2 robots on the field is crazy inless you include goalies as well, i would want somebody to host one in ontario, canada because theres no way id make it to the usa, you’d have to host it after FIRST is completely done. youd have to have a limit on the size of the robots and possible weight because a heavy high-torque robot would win easily, despite the low speed. the game wouldn’t have a time limit just up to like 5 goals or something, the nets would have to be fairly big even have a twist so that its raised in the air or moves or something like that,

i would love this to happen if it was after FIRST, in canada, and was low-cost
who would host it?

I think that it would be great if people would do this at a local level. Such as promoting it in schools, my school is very small but I will see what the people on my FRC team (team 904) think. I think that a huge feild with many robots, each with a different job, would be cool. Once again, people should do this at a local level. I encourage you out there after the FTC season is done to start something like this. It would further your knowledge, and the field of robotics