VEX SolidWorks Library

hey guys, so I finally organize my files and went through the VEX Cad wiki and downloaded everything. From there I converted everything to SolidWorks files. I also re-organized the folder locations. Here’s the link to the folder in Dropbox.


Also, let me know if you find any errors or mistakes.


Thanks for doing this. ive done this a few times. its a lot of work. much appreciated!

Am having problems with assemblies. Whenever I open an assembly, I enter the path to the part references, and then the assembly displays. But when I try to move the assembly it comes apart - all the mates are missing. What am I doing that causes all the mates to disappear?

How do I get six segments?

The hub for the 4 inch Omni wheel has importer errors. Could please upload a new file for the hub.

I don’t think this is maintained, you’d probably have to do it on your own.

There are quite a few errors and missing files, reasonably so, it’s a fairly old resource. It would be nice to see a new VEX Solidworks library.

I am willing to make missing and or error prone parts if I get input on what parts are needed to be made.

Funny, I was just thinking the other day about updating and putting up a new link for the library. There’s been quite a few new products in the 3 years since I posted it.

If I do I’ll also try to put weights on everything and put the proper material and appearances on everything.

That said, it may take a while. I’m pretty busy with VEXU and getting prepped for another FRC season, so I’m sure I’ll have it up for practical use for the current VEX season (NBN).

If enough people express an immediate desire, then maybe I’ll push it up the priority list. For now, enough of it is there that any errors can be fixed on your own or by downloading just that one part from the VEX product pages.

Thanks! This is a jackpot. So far in Solidworks I’ve resorted to doing this myself, and it takes ALOT of time.

On the VEX Team 3547: Virus Facebook page , you can start downloading a library of VEX Robotics parts in SolidWorks part format. I’ve modified the part files with a small circular feature in each square hole of the parts, and added a circular feature to all the drive shafts so that mates can be made more easily. I’ll add the whole catalog of parts eventually…

If your team doesn’t have Solidworks yet, go here to apply for sponsorship: %between%

They gave VEX Team Virus 20 licences for free!

Please “like” the team’s facebook page if you download the parts.

How easy is solidworks to use compared to inventor?

Those on our team who use CAD think Solidworks is easier than Inventor, especially since I added the small circular features to the parts for mates. But I would encourage all students to learn both packages…since you can get them both for free through sponsorships.

I am personally a little biased since I use only Solidworks (and Draftsight) at work.

Where do I obtain solidworks from as a VEX team?

Go to this page: to find the online application.

link text

Thank you I always hated cadding a vex robot cause of the terrible mates.

I uploaded all the structure parts and the drive shafts, with their added cylindrical mate features, to “3d Content Central”. If you like the parts, please “like” our facebook page:

Does SolidWorks come with an official file of Vex components or are teams generating their own files from scratch, or using generic CAD files of the products, or how does that work? I was just wondering how engaged SolidWorks is with Vex in general.

Also, if anyone has a sample image of what a Vex robot looks like when made on SolidWorks, I’d like to see that. And any other comments comparing SolidWorks to Inventor, etc.

They are pretty much the exact same. For the most part, solidworks and inventor have analogous or matching tools. You can import the step files into solidworks just like inventor as they are universal.
A robot made in one should look the same as the other.