VEX Speaker Help

I am having trouble coding the VEX speaker to play a sound file with a button. I don’t know why, but I keep getting the error code "Error:Illegal NXT / EV3 filename ‘Holiday.wav’ ". Any Help?

Update ROBOTC. This problem was fixed in 4.52.

That worked but now I am having trouble getting the sound file to play when I push a button.

if u need some help contact me
we did a speaker a while ago just for the heck of trolling during matches…

No matter how I code it, I can not get the speaker to play with a button press.

Try this code.

task main()
    while(1) {
      if( vexRT Btn8U ] ) {
        playSoundFile( "testtone.wav" );

        while( vexRT Btn8U ] )

with the attached file (unzip the file first) place both in the same folder and ROBOTC will automatically download the sound file for you.