Vex Speaker

So lately I have been testing out the vex speaker, it seems to handle the RTTTL quite nice as seen in these videos
*]Mission Impossible (Robot C sample RTTTL)
*]He’s a Pirate (not very good)
*]Super Mario Bros

I have done some tests with .Wav files but the only ones I can get to work are the sample ones that I got from robot c, not sure why they wont play, they download to the cortex perfectly fine but when I try to play them they dont work

Sounds nice and loud. Now time to use a couple Cotexes together and add harmony.

I was actually thinking that, but I don’t have another speaker :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise I would have allready started on one :stuck_out_tongue:

The real question… can it play this???

And this for our team? :smiley:

The wav files need to be 8bit mono at perhaps 11kHz, something like that.

There is also a bug in the ROBOTC RTTTL converter (V3.08 tested) where notes above B5 are shifted down by two, for example A5 is 880Hz (correct) but D6 also converts to 880Hz (wrong).

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Do you even need two Cortexes? Why not just two speakers?

Hmmm, how could I converted files to 8bit?

I believe there’s only 1 speaker port per Cortex.

Oh right, I forgot it plugs into SP. My bad.

At worlds just make sure you alliance partner has the melody part of your song, and your set!

And this for our team? :smiley:

ill do some tests, but I doubt it can play the full song

I don’t know if the speaker can connect to just a digital output port instead of the speaker port, and if it can, how can you program it? I don’t know about EasyC, but ROBOTC only gives you a resolution of up to 1 millisecond, and the sound functions are restricted to one port. I suppose you could use a closed while loops to get a higher resolution, but I don’t know how effective that would be.
EDIT: Didn’t see someone already pointed this out.

:confused: It would be epic if we could play some of Still Alive. We are planning on getting speakers and would love to play some music haha

Ok so I have downloaded ‘Still alive’ and converted it to an 8-bit .Wav file, but its still to big so im gonna shorten the song and see how much of it I can play :smiley:

:smiley: How big can each song file be?

Could you Y-cable speakers?

Even if you did, it would just be two speakers playing the same thing, as you couldn’t control them individually.

hmmmm converted a file to a 8-bit .wav file, changed it to 8000Hz tried playing it on the cortex and nothing happened -.-


But I mean for the purpose of increasing the volume. I guess I should have worded my first post better.

Now all VEX needs is a Cortex external hard drive!