Vex Speaker?

We are trying to use a vex speaker to play a song on our robot this year and can’t figure out how to do it. Anybody know how to or have any sample programs? Thanks

I moved this question out of the VCS channel as neither VCS or the V5 brain support the VEX speaker.

Top advice: don’t bother. Unless you’re required to do it for a class or something, playing a song on a speaker is not exactly the best use of your time (though some would argue otherwise…). Besides, the speaker only works on the cortex, and with the introduction of v5, the cortex is soon going to be obsolete. That being said, if you still want to play a song, there’s more than enough resources; just search on Google and you’ll be sure to find something.

OK, are y’all saying the V5 has no capability for emitting sounds? I’m just asking because, in the past, I’ve often suggested kids place different beeps in their code so they can debug it: it made an easy way to ascertain that some bit of code had actually run even if the robot made no motions, etc.

I might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that the V5 Brain has its own speaker.

Yeah we are not doing V5 this year we are waiting til next year

You have to switch at some point this year if you want to be competitive in any way

I already have all 8 motors mounted on my robot, but only 4 wires to use :frowning:

@NightsRosario yeah we aren’t going to and we will still do fine. Not many people in our area have switched or are going to this year.

If you are using robotC, then you can follow the instructions in this old thread (code will need to be adapted to work with robotc V4):

If the download links are dead send me a PM, I think I have a copy around somewhere.

With V5, an easy enough alternative would be to just display something on the LCD.

Here’s an old ROBOTC test program and sound file. (14.3 KB)

My only concern for you: trade-in ends in December. If you don’t use that, you’re probably going to end up losing ~$350/team

You are mistaken. No speaker on V5 Brain.

But the V5 controller has haptic feedback, in which I think that’s a good trade in my opinion :slight_smile:
But to be on topic:

I find this resource to be the most helpful when it comes to the VEX speaker in ROBOTC: